Creative High School Music

Collaborative approach to the Ensemble Classroom

gettin’ ready…sooooo


  1. we need to start talking about music. i have a dave douglas tune i will arrange. we also have the basie to start with. what other tunes do you guys want to arrange etc.

    also is any one else free to play sept 2 and 4th?

  2. I can play the 2nd, but the 4th is the SWS paper reading, which is 10 to 12. If the timing works out, I can do that too.
    By the way, I liked Clockwork Mercury; they sound interesting. Have we heard from any other groups?

    As for music, I’ve been listening to a lot of Tom Waits and have been thinking about how to do one of his songs with the band. Also, are we going to do caravan?

  3. might do another animal collective tune if tha’ts ok with people.

  4. great. now who wants to play some bob marley on sept 4th? for fresh opening day….i need to know so that we can set up a reh.
    eli, bass player is down who else? we would be done playing by
    10 am.

  5. hey everyone!


  7. hi aaron see you all soon

    they’re copying us! and they’re all boys!
    and it’s a .com!

  9. who are these people? are they from Mass.?

  10. lexington high!

  11. those bastards…

  12. hey what up y’all hope the year gets off to a good start

  13. senan! peter! come back!

  14. hey senan! hey peter!

    carolyn, for those exercises, do you want us to transpose/start from a different place, or just play them as is?

  15. SENANPETER hello!

    me and micah are gonna do a funky horn arangement of the radiohead song i might be wrong if everyones down…

  16. Hey Carloyn – assuming i have to be in tomorrow early. I’ll see you then, either way.

    Sorry about the missing music, I just checked my email and i realized i wrote you back on your old email (the non thing. whatever †hat old one was…)

    anyway got work off the 16th!

    seey ou tomorrow nice and early

  17. i’m gonna arrange a ben allison tune, but i’m not sure which one yet…

  18. so instead of tom waits, now i’m thinking oliver nelson.
    or another raymond scott tune. i’m always for more raymond scott.

  19. and ben allison sounds great.

  20. david byrne or animal collective
    i’ll play both

  21. all of those suggestions sound excellent, especially ben allison (you should totally do something from little things) and david byrne/talking heads (i listened recently to the album “remain in light” after hearing thom yorke say it was a big influence on kid A, which i worship, and its a cool album).

    besides I might be wrong (me and micah), I’m thinking about happy apple or the flaming lips…but we’ll see what i actually do…

    carolyn i come tomorrow and friday to concert band, yes?

  22. nate, right now i’m kind of liking man sized safe, but i dunno yet. little things run the world would be cool too… carolyn, maybe this is a stupid question, but is everyone in jazz band going to play on every song?

  23. oh and david byrne is a really good call jenny.


  25. wow…good stuff. i’ll start a new thread tomorrow and we really have to change that picture and get some new stuff up on this page…..

  26. i completely forgot about the blog. sorry fellas. and lady. and ladies.

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